Wellness travel: Trends to look for in 2019

12 Apr. 2019

Wellness travel refers to a type of tourism that is focused solely on wellbeing. Traveling for wellness reasons has grown in popularity in the past years. This growing demand is being reinforced by bigger cultural trends, that are strongly related to wellness: mindfulness, personal development, women empowerment, environmentalism, etc.

Wellness travel was, until recently, been synonymous with luxury spa retreats, but it has grown into a much more versatile and tailored set of services.

These are the 5 trends in wellness travel that we believe will steal the show in 2019:

Transformational wellness

This trend is a perfect representation of how the wellness client has matured over time. The focus is no longer solely on the quality of the products or the techniques used, but on how transformative is the experience itself.

Transformative wellness aims at combining treatments with mindfulness practices that enhance your awareness and focus on self-reflection. A truly transformative experience will help you enforce powerful, long-lasting changes that actively improve your wellbeing.

The conscious traveller will demand more meaningful, immersive experiences that fulfill a higher goal than simply relaxation and skin care.

Sustainability and authenticity

Sustainability is a big concern for the wellness traveler of 2019. With the looming threat of various environmental issues, the sustainability of a wellness center has never been more important in the eyes of the final customer.

Not only are the average spa clients showing an active interest in their wellbeing, but they are also increasingly focused on the wellbeing of the communities that they travel to.

The rising concern about issues like fair trade, locally sourced and organic produce and the growing demand for ethical business practices, is a huge driving force that will shape the future of this industry.

Sleep retreats

As our lives become more complex and the lies between professional and personal blur even further, it’s difficult to give yourself the time required to unwind and cultivate a healthy sleeping routine to ensure we wake up well rested and in a positive state of mind.  

Unfortunately, this issue seems to grow more and more serious. With more than 51% of adults worldwide suffering from sleep disorders, there is no wonder that sleep retreats have grown in popularity.

Spas are quick to rise to the challenge and offer packages and services that fix unhealthy sleeping routines and optimize sleep performance and sleep quality.

Technology detox

A technology detox is a much-needed wellness solution to a very serious issue: technology addiction. We’ve grown too attached to our smartphones and laptops, and this addiction has evolved to reach dangerous levels.

As social media is claiming more time and attention, mental health issues are emerging as a worrying side effect. As a consequence, wellness enthusiasts are booking spa retreats that combine physical detox with a metal cleanse by substituting their online time with mindful activities.

There is a common ground to these trends that are designed to bring you back into the present. They show an increased interest in traveling to cultivate the inner, more meaningful dimension of well being just as much as the physical one.

This fresh perspective will lead to innovation in the spa industry and add a more sophisticated layer to wellness as we know it.