Sustainability in the wellness industry

08 Apr. 2019

The wellness industry has not been blind to current environmental issues. The news in this space are showing a conscious effort, from spa industry leaders, to address their carbon footprint, energy consumption and the increased demand in eco-friendly products shows a care both for the client and the planet.

Here are just a few eco-friendly actions going on behind the scenes of the spa industry, that you might not be aware of:

Earth Check and Resense team up to promote sustainability in the spa industry, at a global scale

Two global leaders of the wellness and travel industry are joining forces to push forward a shift towards more sustainable development and operational practices. This partnership is rooted in the two companies shared values of providing transformative experiences to conscious travelers looking for authentic wellbeing practices.

Both Resense and Earth Checks are confident that the future of the spa industry is to become sustainable and provide the best quality services while protecting the environment at the same time.

These goals are well aligned with the growing trends such as wellness travel, organic eco-friendly skincare products, sustainability, and transformative luxury retreats. After all, what other industry is more dedicated to the concept of harmony and holistic wellbeing?

About Resense

The Spa at Kempinski Hote Corvinus Budapest – Wet Areas |Credit: Resenses Spas

Resense was created in 2009 as the first independent company emerging from the partnership between a hotelier and a renowned spa specialist. Kempinski Hotels and Raison d’Etre teamed up and developed Resense, that is now the fastest growing spa company with a global reach. In only 6 years they can boast more than 50 spas that are either fully operational or currently in development and one white label spa that shows the team’s efforts to truly cater to the industry as a whole.

You might already recognize the two brands that it operates with: Resense ‘The European Spa’ and Kempinski The Spa.

About Earth Check

A global business advisory group, established in 1987, Earth Check has become the world’s leading scientific benchmark certification and advisory group for travel and tourism. Operating in more than 70 countries, they are actively putting sustainability first in their active consulting of governments and business alike.

With a passion for nurturing responsible and environmentally-aware business practices, Earth Check has sold sustainable solutions to an impressive portfolio of international clients. Not only are they a force for the good but they are also a business driven group, showing that sustainability can be profitable.

The partnership

These two giants teaming up has been in works for 4 years now, and the details of the partnership are focused on updating and enhancing Earth Check’s wellness benchmarking methodology, followed by a review of the sector-specific indicators within their Certification Programme.

“This partnership provides opportunities to work with leading spas and wellness destinations globally to help lower environmental impact and operational costs while supporting local communities.” – Mr. Stewart Moore, CEO and founder of Earth Check and Executive Director of the APEC International Centre for Sustainable Tourism.

Green Spa Network launches their “Sustainable Self-Care Membership”

This non profit association has developed a special membership that is designed for people that want to learn how to enjoy wellness while being mindful of their impact on the environment. For a small, annual fee, they will help you live sustainably while nurturing your wellbeing.

The focus of this membership is on changing the way we understand self-care, and broadening that notion to include the care of our planet as well.

“Our goal is to promote sustainable self-care practices and bring that education to the front lines of the spa industry,” says Joanna Roche, the executive director of the Green Spa Network.

Green Spa Network believes our own health and wellbeing is strongly correlated to our environment’s health, so we should actively strive to understand their connection and optimize both to the best of our abilities.

The Sustainable Spa Association launches to address sustainability in the industry

The goal of this newly formed association is to educate spa owners about the impact of their businesses on the environment and advise them on alternative solutions that can be integrated without compromising quality or profitability.

For that purpose, they have developed a series of certifications for UK based spas, that will boost a spa’s profile and strengthen their brand with an eco-friendly appeal.

The Sustainable Spa Association wants to make it easy for clients to find out exactly how sustainable spas in the UK are, and make an informed decision based on factual, up-to-date information.

The environmental practices of spas have become a more relevant factor in a client’s decision-making process, especially given the increase in conscious wellness clients, and the growing concern for the environmental issues that we are faced with at a global scale.

With all these eco-friendly initiatives, we are proud to be part of an industry that doesn’t shy away from acknowledging this important issues and taking a stand for a more sustainable future.

Although these efforts are not always advertised to the client, we believe that it will bring you reassurance that, although there isn’t a perfect solution, the industry is doing it’s best to constantly improve and find eco-friendly alternatives to the status quo.