Health benefits of body wraps

15 Feb. 2019

When it comes to skin care, body wraps are one of the most popular beauty treatments in the world. There’s a good reason why these treatments are such a favorite of spa clients everywhere. Body wraps are one of the best natural ways to improve and moisturize your skin, while relaxing in a place designed to bring you comfort.

Body wraps

These treatment have been around for a long time. In fact, high class ancient Egyptian women used to enjoy the benefits of body wraps, that kept their skin soft and smooth even in their hot and dry climate. Most cultures practice some sort of body treatments that resemble body wraps and claim they benefit not only your skin, but overall health.

Even though the treatments are very versatile and the products used can vary, most spas offer something that derives from these 5 types of body wraps. Each one has its own purpose and is created to help with certain, particular conditions.

Seaweed wrap

Body wraps

Seaweed might not seem to be the most attractive thing to be smothering all over your body, but it can work wonders for your skin. This treatment is usually preceded by a thorough exfoliation that stimulates the lymphatic system.

The exfoliation is followed by a mask of organic seaweed extracts and minerals. It has been argued that, due to its high concentration of antioxidants, a seaweed wrap helps you flush out toxins, boosts your metabolism and even helps reduce inflammation.

Depending on the quality of the treatment and your body’s assimilation of its nutrients, you could also experience other rejuvenating effects such as an increase in energy, pain relief or weight loss.

Detox/Cellulite wrap

Body wraps

This wrap is meant to help the body detox and is very effective for treating cellulite. The treatment includes plant extracts and essential oils that both hydrate and moisturize the skin, while also reducing water retention.

Although the results depend on the particularities, such as the ingredients used or if the treatment is hot or cold, this wrap aims to help with cellulite, by lessening its unaesthetic appearance, and leaving the skin feeling firm and tonified.

In order to benefit fully from this detoxing experience, make sure that the mask features organic products only.

Herbal wrap

Body wraps

Herbal wraps have an impressive instant effect, leaving the body slimmer, less bloated and with a silky smooth skin. The treatment should contain a mix of organic herbal ingredients, but the secret lies in mixing them with caffeine to stimulate the skin, and help boost the mask’s detoxifying properties.

The herbs used in this treatment can vary and dictate if the wrap will be most effective in healing soreness, weight loss, pain reduction or stimulating the lymphatic system.

For extra potency, ask the spa staff to provide this treatment in a heated environment, so the skin can absorb even more of its nutrients.

Anti aging wrap

Body wraps

Praised for its age defying properties, this treatment will thoroughly hydrate your skin with a rich blend of organic butters, minerals and vitamins. It usually includes cocoa, coconut, almond and macadamia butter, fortified with vitamins and collagen serum, that reduces wrinkles and plumps up the skin.

A performant anti aging wrap will repair the skin and tone the body, leaving the skin feeling rejuvenated, smooth and radiant. The result are instant and  you will leave the spa with a glowing skin that looks younger and healthier.

Slimming wrap

Body wraps

Unlike other treatments, the slimming wrap doesn’t encourage sweating and relies on its wrapping technique, to ensure maximum results.

If you like the feeling of being tucked in, you will love this treatment. You will find yourself firmly wrapped in a way designed to actively stimulates the lymphatic flow and contour your body through pressure.

This body wrap is especially sought after by women looking to prepare for an important event, as it can help you lose a few inches across your entire body.

Even though the results caused by the detoxifying effects of the treatment are temporary, you will enjoy a mineral boost that can be a great start to in your weight loss journey,

No matter which body wrap treatment you opt for, it is one of the best gifts you can give your body, in order to support its efforts to detox and regenerate.