Four-Handed Massage Benefits

09 Jun. 2019

Four-handed massages are quickly gaining popularity worldwide as people are recognizing the physical and mental benefits that come from having an additional therapist work on your sore muscles during your normal massage time. They last as long as a traditional massage, and most spas have different time limits available for you to chose from.

If you haven’t had a four-handed massage, here are some things to know before you book one for your next spa day.

What is a four-handed massage?

A four-handed massage is pretty much what it sounds like—a massage that utilizes four hands, as opposed to two hands. During a four-handed massage, two massage therapists work together to give you a Swedish massage. Massage therapists need to be highly skilled to effectively perform a four-handed massage. When you book one, you know you’re going to be working with the best massage therapists.

The two massage therapists who perform your four-handed massage work together to release tension in your muscles using synchronized movements. You shouldn’t be able to tell who is doing what, as the four hands work together to create one full-body relaxation experience.

With two massages happening on your body at the same time, you get the ultimate experience in mental and physical relaxation. Your entire body is released of tension and stress, and you’re able to completely let go and relax.

3 Reasons to Get a Four-Handed Massage

Four-handed massages are more expensive than traditional massages since you have to compensate two massage therapists. However, the additional cost can be well worth it if you’re looking for a way to completely relax in a shorter time.

Here are three reasons to book a four-handed massage for your next massage appointment.

1. Your mind will be able to fully let go and relax

Lots of people have a hard time letting go and fully relaxing during a regular massage. Your brain starts thinking about what’s happening and you end up focusing on each movement instead of zoning out and relaxing.

With a four-handed massage, though, two massage therapists work on both sides of your body at the same time in harmony. Your mind will be unable to follow each individual movement and will succumb to finally relaxing. When your mind relaxes, your muscles will relax and become more pliable. This leads to a deeper and more rejuvenating massage.

2. Your muscles will get more intense treatment

Four-handed massages provide more intense pressure to each of your muscles than a regular massage since you have two massage therapists working on sore muscles at the same time. This makes four-handed massages great for athletes and people who are active most of their day.

3. You’ll sleep better

The deep relaxation you’ll experience with a four-handed massage will lead to improved sleep. If you’re having trouble sleeping, try a four-handed massage. You may want to start getting them regularly if you have chronic insomnia or aches and pains that keep you up at night. Regular massage improves circulation and promotes relaxation that lasts long after your massage is over.