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Your Autumn Wellness Retreat: The Ranch at the Dolomites

The famous Ranch Malibu is known as a luxurious wellness resort for executives and the Hollywood elite. It has recently expanded its 7-day program to the Dolomites in Italy. The Ranch Dolomites popup program is taking place from August 25–October 5, 2019. Space is limited, but you can still get in for a week of […]

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Best Spa Treatments for Summer

Summer is a great time to recharge your mind and body, and there’s no better way to do that than with a spa treatment. If your skin is still recovering from the harsh, dry winter months, here are some summer spa treatments to try to perk it back up. Hydrating body wrap There are a […]

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Four-Handed Massage Benefits

Four-handed massages are quickly gaining popularity worldwide as people are recognizing the physical and mental benefits that come from having an additional therapist work on your sore muscles during your normal massage time. They last as long as a traditional massage, and most spas have different time limits available for you to chose from. If […]

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