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Health and Beauty Benefits of Ginger

If you’re looking for a superfood that has the ability to help your body feel better from the inside out, look no further than fresh ginger root. You’ll not only zest up your meals; you’ll also benefit from the antioxidants that are packed into just one serving of ginger root.  Here’s everything you need to […]

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Wellness Escape: SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Spain

If you’re looking for the ultimate wellness getaway, you’ll want to check out SHA Wellness Clinic. Located in Alicante, Spain along the Mediterranean, you’ll enjoy the unique microclimate that the World Health Organization calls the best climatology in the world. Combined with amazing amenities and wellness treatment programs, SHA offers a life-changing wellness retreat.  The […]

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Should You Try IV Therapy?

You might hear “IV” and think of a hospital. But IV therapy isn’t exactly a medical procedure. Anyone can pay for a quick dose of vitamins administered straight to their bloodstream. As a result, you’ll feel energized and refreshed. You might even notice your skin looking younger. If you’ve ever struggled to get through a […]

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