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Your healthy skincare routine

When it comes to our skincare routine,  there’s no shortage of information about treatments and miracle products that promise to be the solution to all our problems. A regular facial treatment and quality, professional products are definitely a must in our efforts to maintain a healthy skin, but nothing is more important than respecting a […]

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Health benefits of sauna treatments

Sauna sessions are one of the oldest treatments in the world, warming up our winters since back in 2000 BC. Although it is believed that they have originated in Finland, nobody knows for sure where saunas were been invented. What we do know, is that this popular spa treatment ,that we use to relax and […]

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Spa of the month: London’s Madarin Oriental

If you’re in London and looking to unwind and relax, look no further than the Mandarin Oriental, that features one of London’s best spas. Located in Hyde Park, it’s one of the only hotels in London to boast a superb view of the famous green space. You might even catch the Changing of the Guards […]

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