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Spa of the month: Valmont Spa at Le Meurice, Paris

If you’re in Paris and looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the urban vibe, you can opt for a delicate moment of relaxation, beauty, and sophistication at the Valmont Spa at Le Meurice Paris. Located in the center of Paris, on the historic rue de Rivoli, the Le Meurice hotel is […]

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How to optimize your sleep routine

When we think about our wellbeing we think about diet, exercise, meditation and a well-deserved spa day. Sleep is usually way down the list and that’s because we constantly underestimate how much our sleeping habits impact our health. In fact, more than 51% of adults, worldwide, are sleep deprived and this worrying trend doesn’t show […]

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Europe’s most spa-break worthy cities

Spring is upon us and so is the holiday spirit! What better way to unwind and disconnect from our daily worries than a spa-break in a gorgeous European city? If the sunny days are putting you in the mood to plan a relaxing vacation, we’ve got a few recommendations that will help you find the […]

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