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Mental wellness: Spas and mental health

The Global Wellness Institute has identified “mental wellness” as one of the most important wellness trends, which becomes even more relevant given the fact that by 2030 anxiety and depression is expected to become one of the biggest health threats in the world. Spas are a place where we focus on our health and wellbeing […]

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Wellness travel: Trends to look for in 2019

Wellness travel refers to a type of tourism that is focused solely on wellbeing. Traveling for wellness reasons has grown in popularity in the past years. This growing demand is being reinforced by bigger cultural trends, that are strongly related to wellness: mindfulness, personal development, women empowerment, environmentalism, etc. Wellness travel was, until recently, been […]

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Sustainability in the wellness industry

The wellness industry has not been blind to current environmental issues. The news in this space are showing a conscious effort, from spa industry leaders, to address their carbon footprint, energy consumption and the increased demand in eco-friendly products shows a care both for the client and the planet. Here are just a few eco-friendly […]

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