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What is Cryotherapy and Who Should Get It?

Cryotherapy means “cold therapy” and refers to any treatment that involves below freezing temperatures. It is still a relatively new type of therapy, so a lot of the benefits are anecdotal rather than scientifically proven. Cryotherapy is becoming more and more mainstream in spas around the world, though, and is popular among people who are […]

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Spa of the month: Six Senses at Puente Romano Marbella

With warm and sunny days slowly replacing the gloomy winter, we’re excited for the opportunity to unwind and enjoy nature and the seaside. If you’re ready to welcome spring and celebrate this transition into youthful energy by nurturing your own rejuvenating experience, we’ve got you covered with this month’s spa review! The Six Senses Spa […]

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Mental wellness: Spas and mental health

The Global Wellness Institute has identified “mental wellness” as one of the most important wellness trends, which becomes even more relevant given the fact that by 2030 anxiety and depression is expected to become one of the biggest health threats in the world. Spas are a place where we focus on our health and wellbeing […]

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