5 romantic spa treatments for Valentine’s Day

08 Feb. 2019

Flowers and chocolates are a classic, but what else could you do to make this Valentine’s Day special?

As the most romantic day of the year approaches, we know that the pressure to make it the best celebration of your love as a couple can be overwhelming.

We prepared a small dose of inspiration, with these 5 romantic spa treatments, that you and your loved one can enjoy together.

Couples massages

A couple’s massage is one of the most popular spa treatments that you can experience together, and for good reason.

Candlelight and incense is a must to set the mood during the massage, but the oils and the type of massage that you opt for is also very important.

For a romantic couple’s massage we suggest an aromatherapy or a hot stone massage, but here are a few examples of other couples massages that you can book in most spas:

For a more festive mood, order a bottle of champagne and some fruit to enjoy during this session.

But be careful with your drinking, the massage will stimulate your circulatory system, so the alcohol will be processed that much quicker.

Dinner and candle light jacuzzi session

Wine and dine your partner at an exquisite restaurant and then sip on a glass of champagne and unwind during a private jacuzzi session.

The intimacy of such a romantic evening will surely strengthen your bond and create an endearing memory of this Valentine’s Day. What better setting to rekindle the spark between you two?

Luxurious Facials

Valentine’s Day is a perfect opportunity to pamper yourselves with some exotic and luxurious facials.

There are many romantic face treatments that you can try together, so make sure to choose one appropriate for the occasion. The ideal facial will nourish and soothe your skin while also setting the mood for a memorable evening.

Each spa offers their own, personalized types of facials, but for this special day, we recommend chocolate or rose facials.

These treatments will do wonders for your complexion and leave you with a serious craving for chocolate covered strawberries, which you can enjoy after for a wholesome experience.

Hands and feet

Hands and feet treatments can be surprisingly luxurious affairs, that will leave you feeling pampered and impeccably groomed, while also promoting healthy skin in these sensitive areas.

We recommend opting for a spa that has an extensive service in this department.

A complete hand and feet spa experience should start with a soaking in essential oils, continue with a delicate scrub and a deeply moisturizing treatment, and finish with a relaxing massage, that promotes circulation and helps the skin absorb the essential oils.


If you have a posh evening prepared for this Valentine’s Day, make sure you both arrive at your event refreshed and in style.

This combination of treatments is designed for couples that are planning a night out and want to prepare in the most relaxing way possible.

A Spa-to-party package is customizable to your needs, but you could always go for the classic and begins with a full body exfoliation and massage, before moving on to hair care and a scalp massage, and making sure everything is groomed to perfection by the spa’s beauty experts.

Depending on the spa’s offer of beauty services and products, you could opt for simple procedures like an eyebrow trim, or a mani pedi, or complex ones like a full professional make-up session, that would complement your look for the evening.

Whatever you choose to do on Valentine’s Day, a visit to the spa is one of the most intimate and bonding experiences that you and your partner can do together, without even leaving the city.

Being in love is worth celebrating more often than once a year, so consider turning this into a habit. Let Valentine’s Day be every month, and take a monthly day off, to really connect and relax, as a couple.